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Live from Crazytown: GB vs. the Media

Posted by Beau Winiger on May 5, 2009

Today we will take a slight diversion from our normal reasoned political discussion and venture back into the world of insanity with everyone’s favorite talk show host, Glenn Beck.  So I now bring you, Live from Crazytown.

Lately GB has been ranting about the mainstream media and their liberal agenda to create a world ruled by elites, elites that forget about the little person.  If the media has its way there will be a bunch of well-educated, articulate, reasoned people sitting in some fancy building in Washington creating rules for the rest of us, and GB will be damned if he will let the Republican Party be drowned out that easily. 

GB’s main wardrum for this horrendous mainstream media support of the Progressive movement is the ridiculing of Tea Party protesters.  He says the media painted them as racists  

they painted them as stupid  , but GB knows the truth.  He knows that these good people are just normal citizens, trying their best to do what they think is right, and it wasn’t right for the media to make up these unfounded accusations.  But fear not, average citizens, GB will stand up to the mainstream media for you since you don’t have as loud a voice as GB, owing to the fact that you don’t host a very highly rated news program on the highest rated cable news network.

That is what I don’t get (okay, there is a lot about GB that I don’t get, but one thing at a time).  How is it possible to go on your nationally broadcast news show and yell about the mainstream media?  How do you host specials that purport to tell us, the viewer, what the media won’t?  The very fact that I am able to watch a basic cable TV show on the subject should mean that the mainstream media isn’t what GB seems to think it is.  This leads me to two possible conclusions concerning GB.  Either he is (a) unaware that he is in fact on a popular TV show, which by definition would make him part of the mainstream media, or (b) GB is a fake populist who is appealing to the fears amongst conservatives brought about by the fact that they are now out of power and drowning in a recession of their own making. 

Now neither of these options is too kind to old GB.  He is either a moron, or he is a manipulating prick that is playing upon people’s fears in order to enrich himself.  And while I am tempted (highly tempted) to choose option A, I have to believe it is option B.  Beck needs to realize that once you become a part of the mainstream media you can no longer yell about how bad the mainstream media is.  Well okay, you can still yell about it (because it might be true), but you tend to just be insulting yourself.  Hopefully for GB (who just signed a 3 book deal, by the way), this current wave of fear about the future will continue long enough for him to make a few more million, and then he can find some new foe to rail against/be a part of.

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